Fuji Apple Tree - a winter variety of apples obtained by Japanese gardeners as a result of crossing two varieties: Rolls Janet and Red Delishes.

The seedling of the variety is able to become a fairly strong-growing and strong tree, which tends, as a rule, to abundant fruiting in a periodic rhythm. The latter prevents the process of thinning the ovary. Crohn in trees of the described variety is characterized by the fact that it undergoes the formation process quite easily and quickly.
Fuji has some peculiarity: the first two crops may not correspond to the declared taste. The most delicate and sweet will be fruits with bright colors.

The weight of one apple can reach up to 250 grams. The fruits have a rounded-oblong shape and a smooth, clean, dry and gloss-free skin, on which an attractive blush flaunts
Fuji - not a self-pollinated variety, pollinator Granny Smith, Red Delicious, Golden Delicious.

The flowering time of this apple tree is in the mid-late period;

This variety has several clones: Fuji Kiku, bred in Italy, a clone Fubraks, as well as a clone Fujik from Krasnodar.

In order for the apple trees to produce crops every year, it is recommended to thin out the ovary to maintain the ability to bear fruit and reduce the load on the trees. Despite its resistance to frost, Fuji apple trees have poor resistance to disease, bacterial infections and burns. The affected tree, as a rule, cannot be saved. It is necessary to uproot it quickly to save the rest of the plantings.