Tonda Romana

Italian variety.
Origin: Corylus avellana

Hazelnut Tonda Romana is a high-yielding, productive and precocious variety.

Fruits: medium sized round shape. Brown shell, thin, easy to crack. Fruits in clusters of 3-5 nuts.

Ripening period: medium, beginning of September.

Seedling age: 2 year old.
Fruiting: occurs in 3-4 years.

Tree: a high upright shrub up to 4 m in height.

Features: high winter hardiness and resistance to diseases (especially to a bacterial burn). Prefers organic and mineral top dressing.

Landing recommendations: when planting, it should be noted that hazelnuts prefer light and sunny areas, fresh, loose, fertile and nutritious soil. Needs regular watering, especially on hot days. In autumn, landing is approximately 20 days before the start of a winter cold snap. Hazelnut seedlings are planted in pits measuring 70X70X50 cm.

Planting period: it is best to plant seedlings in spring or autumn.